Thursday, May 07, 2009

~The Best Laid Plans . . .~

How my day was scheduled:

8am--Fence people coming to remove fence; get kids ready for school
8:45am--Take kids to school
9am--Shower, eat breakfast, make shopping list
10:30am--Run errands
2pm--Home, put away groceries; clean house
3:30pm--pick up kids from school
4pm--Haircut for Ratchet
5pm--Pick up the Bear from work; go to dinner
6pm or so--Go to Reflections of Christ exhibit (our postponed FHE)
8pm--Kids to bed; finish up day.

How my day happened:

8:15am--doorbell rings and wakes me; remember fence people; walk around yard with them in my pajamas; get mud on stairs from MY shoes.
8:45am--realize fence people are parked behind me and I can't get out of garage; look for Ratchet's jacket while waiting for them.
8:55am--drop kids off as first bell rings; park down street from house and walk home still in my pajamas.
9am--Eat breakfast; start menu.
11am--Finish menu (apparently my brain will not turn on today); shower.
12:55pm--Leave for errands; wonder where the last hour went.
1:10pm--Arrive at Costco.
1:30pm--Leave Costco (I'm serious-I'm a fast Costco shopper).
1:31pm--Realize I locked keys in car, look for spare; realize I've also locked both spares in the car; try to decide if I should laugh or cry.
1:32pm--Call the Bear; I'm at the Costco north of us-closest bus drops off 1.5 miles away; still trying to decide if I should laugh or cry.
1:35pm--Call Julie since she works nearby; she agrees to come get me.
1:40pm--Realize my house key is locked in the car and that on my list of things to buy is battery for the garage key pad; yep, I've also locked myself out of the house; call the Bear, he'll catch the bus but won't be home until 3:15pm.
2pm--Julie picks me up; drives me home; Julie waits for the Bear with me while we try to break into house; the good news: we can't break into my house (we even took the cover off the key pad hoping that my camera batteries would fit--they don't); reschedule Ratchet's haircut.
3:05pm--The Bear arrives home and opens the door for me and DOESN'T mock me at all (I LOVE HIM); we realize I won't be able to get my car and have time to pick up kids; the Bear walks to the school to walk them home, it RAINED on them (I really LOVE him).
3:30pm--Julie decides she doesn't want to work anymore today (I'm not a good influence); we stop and lock up her office, go to Costco to get my car, agree to meet at Target to go shopping.
3:45pm--Get to Target, Julie's not in front so I go to the restroom; get text from Julie as I enter the stall, "I'm here, but I went to the restroom," I say, "Julie," she says, "Oh, hi." That still cracks me up. Get everything from my list at Target including Ratchet's Nintendo DS (we agreed to pay half, he paid the other half).
5pm--Finally home. Still have no groceries. However, I now have three car keys in my purse and have replaced the battery for the garage keypad.

We then changed, picked up Julie, went to dinner and then went to the exhibit. And walked back in the door at 7:59pm. I'm back on track but so very far behind.

What I was reminded of today:
  • I have the BEST husband in the world, sorry ladies.
  • Julie ROCKS--I knew that, but you should all know.
  • If you have two spare car keys, don't leave them both in the car. Duh.
  • Hide a housekey somewhere nearby. And replace batteries as they die (it's been dead for months, but ironically today was the first day I put it on my list--of course, I then forgot to look at it to see what kind of battery to buy).
  • Breathe.
  • The world will not end because I make mistakes.
  • I have great friends.

So, do I have any volunteers willing to hold onto spare car and/or housekeys for me? Be forewarned, you may be required to pick me up from some random location at a completely inconvenient time.