Saturday, March 06, 2010

My Best Friend's Wedding, er My Brother-in-Law's Birthday~

My sister-in-law, D, wanted to do something special for her husband's 50th birthday. Today we had a party for him at Azteca. To his dismay we reenacted the restaurant scene from "My Best Friend's Wedding."

My in-laws CAN sing. Every one of them.

D is the one singing the main part. M, her husband, is the one in red next to her (we seated him in a spot where he couldn't run). The parts sung by the "vengeful slut" cousins are our 16-year-old niece, who has an AMAZING voice, and my most endearing husband doing an excellent falsetto. (Oh and videography from our 13-year-old nephew.)

Here is the video from youtube. Enjoy!