Monday, May 19, 2008

~The Goal~

Tonight I had the opportunity to attend Bishop Youth Discussion. Actually I begged Shannon to let me go because there was a special guest speaker.

First of all, the Bishop discussed goals that the youth set last month and how they did on them. He gave a discussion on how you have to have a plan or you probably won't ever do it. He had us each write down a goal and then ten steps to accomplish it. (I actually thought that since Shannon would be the one going next month that Lorna and I could come up with some great goals for her--luckily for her, the Bishop wouldn't let us get away with it. And I had some great ones: Bake Becky cookies, clean Becky's house, do all Becky's errands for a week. . . well you can see where this is going.)

Then our special guest speaker came in straight from the airport. We were so blessed to have Bishop Lindeman come and talk to us. And even more perfect, since we were discussing goals, he had run his first marathon ever yesterday. He said the best way to keep a goal is to tell everyone about it. And then you have support and people enjoy checking up on you.

So, my first thought was to finish my Personal Progress. But since, I only have 1.5 weeks left before I'm finished I decided to choose a loftier goal. So this is my goal. I'm actually putting it out there. I'm telling you all (the six of you who read my blog that is) and not just copying it to my next to do list.

By June 15 (the next BYD) I am going to CLEAN MY GARAGE.

Here are the steps I wrote down:
1. Set aside a whole day.
2. Decide which systems are working and which ones aren't working.
3. Sort everything into categories.
4. Purge, purge, purge.
5. Sweep and scrub floor.
6. Remove cobwebs from walls.
7. Designate zones.
8. Decide if any new organizing tools are needed.
9. Replace items into designated zones.
10. Decide how much of it will go into garage sale with several women from my ward.
11. Take remainder to Goodwill, Cousin's (Ratchet's old clothes), SIL's (Mona Lisa's old clothes), and Jenny's (rest of Mona Lisa's clothes).

And just so you know how bad it really is, I took pictures:


TaNicka said...

Your Van actually fits in there? just kidding.Good luck with your project,I'm sure it will look great when you are done:)

Shannon said...

How have I not commented on this post yet? :) So the Bishop wouldn't let you get away with making my goals for me! What he should have said was whatever goals you write down for her to need to do. For example, make Shannon cookies, clean Shannon's house etc. Kind of like whoever volunteers someone else to give the prayer has to say it instead.
Take that :) You mocked me :)