Wednesday, October 01, 2008

~A Change of Rules~

It's been a week and I only have 26 responses to my giveaway, so there is no longer a limit of three compliments (which means I added your extra one Alisha). So, you all better hurry before Shannon takes the last 12 spots!!!


JRV said...

I have been blog reading for a while. Okay...
1. You are the most considerate person I know when it comes to including everyone in group activities.
2. You are so creative, and its insiring how you seem to always be working on a new project. (which always turns out perfectly)
3. You definitely know how to sit, chat and have fun. I seem to always be laughing about something when we chat.
4. Everything you bake turns out so delicious.
5. I love how you genuinely care for the girls in YW, and seem to always be thinking about them.

What a cute banner!!!

JRV said...

I meant to say I HAVENT been blog reading for a while. Im glad I caught this fun contest before it ended. Its always fun to say what you like about a person.