Sunday, April 04, 2010

~Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.~

Last night while hiding Easter baskets I found a the white container of these:

It was really sticky and smelly.

It was near Ratchet's stuff so I assumed it was his. When I opened it, the contents looked like a thick chocolate and chunky. And it was REALLY stinky.

This morning the Bear asked MonaLisa about it. She said it was Ratchet's and she knew what was in it and then fled the scene.

Then we asked Ratchet about it. He said it was a pear. Really? There were NO indications that it was related to a pear. As I was about to lecture him on how gross it was, how unsanitary, how just EEEEWWWW. He told us what it was.

Any guesses?

Trust me you'd be wrong.

Turns out it was an experiment.

What type of experiment you wonder?

He was learning to . . .


For some reason the Bear didn't approve when I cracked up. But seriously, what 9-year-old does that (actually it was old enough he probably started it when he was 8)?

Then he tells us he was reading in the Nonfiction Science section of the library and learned all about composting. He thought it was a great idea and thought he should learn how.

I love that kid.

He's amazing.

And he does my green heart good.

We have since explained that composting should always be done outdoors and next time he goes to gramper's house he can probably even stir theirs.

Many of you know that I'm a "Recycling Nut." (I took my soda can home from the car dealership last week because they didn't have recycling. I gather the paper from baby shower games and make sure it's recycled--if there is no recycling available, I'll take it home. And when I was in New Orleans right after Hurricane Katrina, I was tempted to bring all my in-laws recycling home with me--they were lucky to be getting trash pick up at the time.) But if you worked in an environmental engineering firm and edited reports about the remediation of landfills, you'd be one too.

When Ratchet was little he would hold up an item to be discarded and ask, "Is this trash or acycling?"

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.


Shannon said...

I love that you don't post forever, but when you do it's about Ratchet recycling. Yes, a proud momma you are! Love it!

kel said...

Ew. No really. Ew.

But also adorable. What a cool kid, indeed. Hopefully composting will be the edgiest thing he ever feels the desire to sneak. :)