Wednesday, August 27, 2008

~I Spy a Giveaway~

Today I undertook a necessary project. While doing this project I uncovered a plethora of items. 65 to be exact. As you know, I make you work for my giveaways. So here's your job--figure out where I found these objects.

I'll give you some clues:

1. We all have this project to do.
2. Some do it more than others.
3. 33 of these objects had one thing in common.
4. And in true I Spy tradition, a poem:

I spy a thumbtack, a spoon, and the start of a flame,
A farm, it’s occupants, and a weathervane.
There’s 3 tops to bottles and 4 coins to reward,
Body parts for a starch and a very CRUEL word.
I found a woman with flowers and a wrapped mango treat,
A bunny of sorts and 9 clips to keep our food sweet.

Now, so you can't use each others answers, you need to send your answer via email to seamstressed at gmail dot com. This is my blog email address, so don't send it to my normal email box. And be sure to label it I Spy. Then I will do a drawing from the correct answers.

Here are the rules:

*The contest will end Monday, September 1st at midnight PST.
*You only get three guesses. If you guess more, only your first three will count.
*If I don't get any correct answers I will extend it and give more clues.

So, what is the prize?

A totebag/purse made by me. (So, Alisha you better think hard, I know you want one.)

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