Tuesday, August 19, 2008

~Mona Lisa and the Nutcracker~

As many of you know, Mona Lisa is a dancer. We found an amazing studio three years ago and she has improved by leaps and bounds. For the past two years she has been dancing in the Nutcracker. She was a Snowflake both years. But, this year she is going to be:

The Doll!!!

She is so excited. I am so nervous. The past few years the doll has been a Level 4 ballerina. This will be Mona Lisa's first year as a Level 3. I thought she had a few years and have been telling her that for the past two years. So, when she got the part she couldn't stop screaming. And I was shocked (in a good way). The doll is pretty much a solo. And did I mention that the doll from last year is Clara this year. Of course as a mom I think she's an amazing dancer, but wasn't sure how biased I was. Apparently I'm not, she is an amazing dancer.


*b said...

Congrats on the Nutcracker. I danced for many years growing up and was in the Nutcracker for 5 years. What a great accomplishment!


alisha said...

That's awesome!! Tell her congratulations. :)