Wednesday, November 07, 2007

~101 Things About Me~

This should be interesting.
  1. My name is Becky.
  2. No, it's not Rebecca.
  3. My parents gave me a nickname.
  4. And I don't have a middle name.
  5. I'm from Idaho.
  6. I grew up on the same plot of land my father was born on. He still lives there.
  7. It's the hometown of Napoleon Dynamite.
  8. I've only seen the movie once.
  9. I haven't been there for three years.
  10. I left as soon as I could.
  11. Most of my childhood friends still live there.
  12. I live about 800 miles away. It's almost far enough.
  13. When I got engaged I made my husband promise we'd never have to live in Utah or Idaho. He agreed. We call it our pre-nup.
  14. We call my husband Bear (because he was grouchy as a child).
  15. We weren't dating when we got engaged.
  16. I'm three years older than him.
  17. I graduated from the University of Idaho.
  18. I have a degree in communications and a minor in English.
  19. I took social dance classes and weightlifting for fun.
  20. I'm now a professional seamstress.
  21. The second part of our pre-nup is that he would get a college degree.
  22. His degree is in Computing and Software Systems.
  23. He took math classes for fun.
  24. He's a software engineer.
  25. We've been married for 11.5 years. I fall more in love with him everyday. He's amazing. I don't deserve him.
  26. We were married in the Seattle LDS Temple.
  27. My husband met my parents on our wedding day and still married me.
  28. I have four brothers and two sisters. I'm #3.
  29. I'm the white sheep of the family. My older sister has recently joined me.
  30. There were 15 kids in my mom's family. Three set of twins. My mom is #10.
  31. My mom had an affair and I'm the result. I have three brothers and two sisters in my "biological father's" family.
  32. I found out when I was 13.
  33. Over the next year my parents gave me anything I wanted.
  34. I went to Europe with my high school.
  35. I was too young and didn't appreciate it.
  36. Fortunately, my in-laws are normal.
  37. I love my in-laws. They have taught me what a typical family is. Not perfect, but exceptional in their own right.
  38. We have a 9-year-old daughter.
  39. She's one of the top three science students in the third grade.
  40. And can do math in her head.
  41. She's been dancing for six years. Apparently she's really good.
  42. She loves to attend "Street of Dreams" and tour homes with me. After she gives her opinion on their mistakes. I usually agree. She's one of those people who can take all the best aspects of six different houses and combine them together in one. It's a gift. I admire her.
  43. Our son is six.
  44. He can match pitches.
  45. He's also one of the top science students in his class.
  46. He has a large vocabulary.
  47. They're studying weather. This morning he announced that it was overcast and the cumulous clouds weren't quite dark enough for it to rain. It didn't rain today.
  48. My first pregnancy cost our insurance company $43,000.
  49. My doctor told me he thought I was going to die.
  50. The second was more than $100,000.
  51. My doctor said he couldn't guarantee he could save me if I got pregnant again.
  52. I had a tubal ligation. I'm still sad.
  53. I broke both my arms on Friday the 13th when I was 11. No one believed me. When they finally x-rayed my arms they were broken in seven places. At least that's what I heard.
  54. This year I had my arms x-rayed again. We could see the break scars. My doctor counted "at least eleven." I think they might have said several.
  55. I stubbed my toe in September. It really hurt. I finally went to the ER at 1am.
  56. After my x-ray, the doctor's exact words were: "You have a toe fracture. Actually I'm using the term very liberally. You're toe is SO broken." The third bone in my little toe was split from top to bottom and separated 1/4 inch.
  57. I didn't cry until I got home.
  58. When I was 14 I was thrown from a horse on a gravel road.
  59. I had six stitches and a concussion. One of the scars is in the shape of a horseshoe.
  60. I don't remember anything for about six hours before.
  61. When I was 15 I cut my thumb while opening a can of tomato soup at a church activity.
  62. When I saw the bone I went into hysterics.
  63. My leader (who had taught first aid at camp) asked me what the first thing you should do for an incision wound. I said, "Don't panic!"
  64. When I was 24 I fell and hit the back of my head while ice skating. I had a major concussion.
  65. I still have the bump.
  66. I was one of the top five spellers in my 5th and 6th grade classes. Because of that I'm a bit arrogant. I don't always use spell check. I really should.
  67. I've been sewing for 29 years.
  68. I like to sew. It's my only talent.
  69. I have panic attacks. I used to think it was the Spirit telling me I was doing something wrong. It's good to know that I'm not a total sinner.
  70. I've been serving as the Young Women Secretary in my ward for 3.75 years. It's my favorite calling ever. I probably shouldn't say it aloud. That's usually when they release you and give you a new challenge.
  71. I have very little tact. Which is good since I didn't used to have any.
  72. I'm a huge advocate for education. My parents aren't high school graduates.
  73. I've learned that the more I know the less I know.
  74. I love the quote: Small minds discuss people, medium minds discuss events, large minds discuss ideas. I'm working on having a large mind.
  75. Nerd is a term of endearment in my house.
  76. My husband is a nerd. I love him.
  77. I had braces as an adult. At the same time as my husband. We still made out. There's no way for braces to get caught on each other.
  78. Bruce Willis once winked at me. He's much better looking in person.
  79. I was ice skating at the same time as Arnold Schwarznegger and he fell down in front of me. He asked me to help him up and I said I thought he would pull me down and didn't help him. I commented that he must not do his own stunts. His wife and daughters laughed. He was only slightly amused. He's much shorter than he claims.
  80. I met Clint Eastwood at the Jazz Festival at the UofI. He's much taller than he seems. He was the tallest person backstage by far.
  81. When I was eight I rode a horse that competed in the Kentucky Derby. On the way home from the race the train had to stop quickly and Little Town broke one leg. They kept him to use as a sire. My uncle worked on the ranch in Wyoming with the horse's owner. They had a weight and age restriction. I was the only cousin old enough who was small enough to ride.
  82. I started cooking meals for my family when I was seven.
  83. They called my food burnt offerings.
  84. I don't enjoy cooking.
  85. People think I'm creative. I really just steal ideas from online and make them my own.
  86. I have a hard time trusting people.
  87. I also despise gossip. Anyone who spreads gossip loses my trust instantly.
  88. Breaking my trust is a complete deal breaker for friendship.
  89. I don't have many close friends because of it. I wish I had more.
  90. I feel like a fraud most of the time. I just know if people knew who I really am they wouldn't like me.
  91. I've been reading the Old Testament for two years.
  92. I've never read it all the way through before.
  93. I didn't graduate from seminary. I went my freshman year but was kicked out due to tardies. (I was in the furthest building from the seminary building and truly could not make it in time without leaving my other class early.)
  94. The teacher said I could come back when I changed my attitude. I never did.
  95. I did however graduate from Institute at the University of Idaho.
  96. I didn't have a testimony until I was in college.
  97. I am prone to migraines. All the medications stopped working. Caffeine prevents them. Therefore, I drink a Diet Pepsi everyday. I only get about two migraines a year now. Before it was about two per month.
  98. I have anxiety depression. I'm on medication but, the medication works better when I exercise. Unfortunately I lack the motivation and organization to exercise like I need.
  99. I'm taking January 2008 off to take care of myself. I have two spa gift certificates I plan on using.
  100. I hope to set some good habits to follow that will sustain me through the rest of the year.
  101. I'm relieved to finish this list.

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