Monday, January 07, 2008

~One Word~

On Ali Edwards blog she has encouraged everyone to choose ONE WORD for the year.

My choices are:

  • balance--because I have a difficult time balancing all the aspects of my life.
  • discipline--because I think that is why I can't balance my life.
  • prioritize--because I need to so I can balance my life.
  • simplify--because if I did that then maybe I wouldn't have so many aspects in my life to balance.


  • I'm not sure I can simplify because I'm not sure I have anything I can cut out. I could stop overdoing things, but I think that's who I am.
  • In order to balance my life I obviously need to have more discipline and better priorities.
  • But, I think I do prioritize I just don't have the discipline to follow through.

Therefore the word I choose is:


So, I must discipline myself in a variety of areas:

  1. Self~I resolve to go to bed earlier and get up earlier; floss daily; take my medication consistently; actually get dressed each day; and learn the Mindful Meditation techniques recommended by my doctor.
  2. Spiritual~I resolve to spend more time praying on my knees instead of in bed; to finish the Old Testament; to finish my Personal Progress; and attend the Temple monthly.
  3. Health~I resolve to exercise at least three times each week; eat healthier meals; and especially eat breakfast.
  4. Family~I resolve to play with my kids; keep up with their Accountable Kids boards; have weekly Family Home Evening; have prayer and scripture study with Mr. Bear; and go on more dates with him.
  5. Mind~I resolve to read one book each month; finish the Old Testament; and watch less TV.
  6. Home/Yard~I resolve to be better at maintaining a house of order so the Spirit will feel more welcome and to take better care of my yard.
  7. Projects~I resolve to finish five by the end of the year.

Hmmm. Maybe I should look more into simplify. But, as I look at my list it is things I am supposed to be doing. Only a few are out of the ordinary. So many of them work together(i.e., if I read scriptures daily I will finish the Old Testament; if I watch less tv I will have more time to do other stuff; if I exercise I will have more energy). So, if I just discipline myself and set a better routine for the big stuff then my priorities should fall into place and my life can be better balanced. Yes, I think it's all about my discipline.

I'll check in later.

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