Wednesday, March 05, 2008

~Font Snob~

Today I stumbled across this which led me to this. How pathetic am I that I totally want to watch a film about the "way type affects our lives?" How even more pathetic is it that I'm interested because some blogger I don't know wrote that she and her husband: "got such a kick out of all the font people just geeking out over their love or hate of the font Helvitca [sic]."

And now I'm wondering if others get a kick out of me "geeking out" over my dislike (or in my opinion boredom) of the fonts arial and times new roman.

And I wonder if they have it at Blockbuster. . .

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Shannon Jones said...

LOL. That is right up your alley, and no I love that you are a font snob! you get to be the snob and I get the benefits of looking at prettier fonts on our YW rosters :)