Monday, March 24, 2008


Everytime I do laundry, I think about how it was the first idiosyncrasy the Bear and I found out about one another.

For me it was the first time I did laundry after the Bear and I got married I could not figure out how his drawers were organized. He had three drawers and the top one had underwear, socks, and shirts. The second drawer had socks, shirts, shorts, pants, and pjs. The third drawer also had socks, shirts, shorts, pants, and pjs. And none of the socks were matched and most weren't folded. So, I called him at work to ask about his method of organizing his drawers. The answer, "Whites in the top drawer, medium colors in the middle drawer, and dark colors in the bottom drawer." What? "It's obvious when you finish each batch you can just open one drawer and dump it in." Okay, I get that, but, since I usually put away his laundry I have it organized so like goes with like. And his socks are matched and the rest is put away in nice, organized piles. Whenever I complain about folding laundry he always says I don't have to fold his. I can just dump it in his drawers by color.

For him, within a few weeks of being married, the Bear was helping me sort our laundry. He couldn't figure out my method for sorting. So, I tell him, "It goes in a circle. The piles, in this order, are: whites that can be bleached, whites/offwhites that can't be bleached, light-colored towels, pastels, mediums, jeans, darks, dark-colored towels, and reds." What? "Well honey, it's so obvious. When you wash like colors together they don't fade as quickly. So, I start by washing the whites that can be bleached, but if the load isn't full I add from the whites that can't be bleached and don't bleach that week. And I just go around the circle in the same manner; adding from the next pile to make a full batch." Once I explained it he understood and he agrees it's a sensible way of doing laundry. Not that he follows it when he sorts the laundry. I wonder if he realizes that when I change over the laundry after he's sorted that I resort my way? (I know it sounds a bit OCD, but it's one of the only things I have complete control over in my life. Somedays it's the only consistency I have in my life.)

So, what are the quirks you didn't realize you had until you got married?

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