Wednesday, April 09, 2008

~High School Reunion and Give-away~

Today I received a letter regarding my high school reunion this summer. In it was a questionnaire to fill out for a "Memory Book." I have to admit some of the questions surprised me.

For a bit of background, I grew up in a predominantly Mormon town. Out of 140 graduates, only two were not members.

Here are the questions:
1. Are you married or single? If married, what is your spouses' name? (Notice that the apostrophe on spouses indicate more that one spouse.)

2. Do you have any children? If so, what are their name(s) and age(s)? (There was a lot of room left for this answer.)

3. What is the furthest you have lived from our hometown?

4. Did you attend college? Where? How many years did you attend? Major?

5. What kind of work do you do? Where do you work?

6. What was your favorite song in high school? Movie?

7. Do you have any tattoos? If so, how many?

8. If you could be on any reality TV show, which one suits you best?

9. Have you ever had a brush with fame? If so, tell us about it briefly? (They put the question mark, not me.)

10. How many miles will you travel to attend our reunion?

Why would they ask about tattoos? I wouldn't be so surprised if there were only two Mormons in my high school. But then again, would a school with only two Mormons even care about tattoos? Should I tell them about the time I almost had a CTR sign tattooed on my ankle? (Which I didn't do because I realized I was only doing it for shock value and not because I wanted a tattoo. Oh yeah, and the pain it would cause was also a factor.)

But, here are questions for all of you:

1. If you could be on any reality TV show, which one suits you best?

2. Which reality TV show do you think suits me best?

And because I really want answers, I'm going to do a drawing for something handmade (by me) for those of you who answer. I'll even let you ask for something specific -within reason- if you win or if you prefer, I'll surprise you. The drawing will end Sunday, April 13 at midnight.


Shannon said...

I was going to comment anyway, but if it means something made by you!

I don't keep up on many reality TV shows anymore, but for you the TV show that suits you best is Project Runway for sure...or if there is any other hurry and think of a creative craft type reality show :)

For me? hummmmm.... Oh, Biggest Loser :) I still need to shed a few more pounds from this baby weight...a lot more crunches are needed to tighten that ol' tummy. :)

Also, loved the idea of the CTR ring Tattoo, LOL. even if just for shock value...sometimes you surprise me...then again I can see you wanting to do it for shock value...DO IT DO IT :)

Also, love that you are editing the high school questions. (they probably didn't even realize the apostrophe indicated more than one spouse, then again maybe they are do have more than one is a small town in ...well you know where (in case you don't want it posted)

Shannon said...

whoops you'll have some editing to do on that last paragraph of mine...I was typing fast :)

alisha said...

Like Shannon, I don't really keep up with many reality shows so I'm trying to think of all the options...but I definitely agree that something using quick creativity is perfect for you. Even though you say you steal all of your ideas, it is still a talent to be able to find and implement them, and know what will look good!

If you are going for shock value, then I would have to say that lie detector one for you. ;) I've only seen the previews, but it seems like it can be pretty surprising!

For me? First of all I have no desire to be on a reality TV show. But if I had to pick, it might be Fear Factor...if only it didn't have to always include eating something disgusting, and if I could specify no spiders! I'd love all the adventure challenges, though. They'd do that for me, right?

(And Shannon, Biggest Loser? Puh-lease!)

JRV said...

Im going to sleep on it tonight and get back to you tomorrow.
Those are hilarious questions. Maybe they really did mean spouses'. If you go to your reunion maybe you can find out. :) The tattoo one was strange. There would have been way too many responses to that one at my highschool. (not by me)

Alisa said...

The reality show that I would LOVE to be on is "The Amazing Race" simply because I would get to travel all over the world with a competitive aspect ($1 million) to motivate me to win. And the best reality show for you would be Project Runway, hands down! I mean, it's a reality show about sewing and creating! It's got "Becky" written all over it! I'd have to say also, that maybe "The Apprentice" would be right up your alley since you would definitely be able to HOLD YOUR OWN in the boardroom!!!! "Donald, YOUR FIRED!" stated Becky, the Mormon SAHM/seamstress from WA.

Tricia said...

A prize? I didn't even know this competition existed until now! There is so little time to come up with good answers, especially since teh best one is already taken. Clearly Project Runway is made for you. But, here is the best I can do: I would like to see you on High School Reunion (I've seen it advertised so I know it exists) because I'd like to see those tall bangs come back. And how funny would it be to see a Preston H.S. reunion? And, I'd like to be on American Idol. I can't sing or dance but I've always wanted to.