Monday, April 14, 2008

~And The Winner Is. . .~


So, e-mail me with what you desire or let me know if you want me to surprise you! I already have a few ideas in mind.

The overall consensus for a reality show for me was Project Runway. Which Mona Lisa also votes for but Bear says it's too high stress for me. (For the record, the Bear's very quick answer was Beauty and the Geek. Which of course I immediately thought, "He thinks I'm hot." Then I thought again and realized that the Beauties are stereotypically self-centered. . . ) And I do thank all of you for not saying Supernanny. Although it wouldn't be too far off.

And now, just for fun and because I do know each of you, I'm going to give each of you a reality show:

Shannon: I almost disqualified you for the Biggest Loser answer--I second Alisha's whatever. So, I'm going to place you on "I Want To Look Like a High School Cheerleader Again." I checked the application and it requires a current bikini shot. ROFL.

Alisha: I see you on "Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?" because with your research skills I feel you are full of useless bits of information that would help you kick butt!!! Jenny: I would love to watch you on an episode of "Wife Swap" although I'd never wish that on anyone. But, hey, controversy sells. LOL.

Alisa: I actually do see you on the Amazing Race, but that's not fair. So, I see you on CMT's The Ultimate Coyote Ugly Search. Singing and dancing on a bar while refusing to serve alcohol. Rock On.

Tricia: Without a doubt, HGTV Design Star. And I'd want you to practice on my house first!
You ladies are awesome. Thanks for playing.

On another note, I still don't know what all the answers will be for my high school reunion questionnaire. Last time for my achievements my answer was "I moved away. If you're born there you die there." So, I'm thinking that for "How many miles will you travel to attend our reunion?" my answer will be "5 miles is all I'm willing to travel to attend our reunion." Because I'm just not interested in attending. In the last memory book less than ten of us lived outside of Idaho or Utah. And none of the approximately 50 percent who still lived in my hometown had any education past high school. I'm not sure I would have enough enjoyment to qualify the time and expense of it all.

What experiences have any of you had at high school reunions. See if you can convince me it's worth it.


Tygogal said...
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Shannon said...

Becky, I am totally protesting the winner! Why? :)
Even if my Biggest Loser wasn't what you were looking for from me, Alisa copied my answer for you (Project Runway) and therefore should disqualify her. Second if she won for the Apprentice then she gave 2 answers which again should disqualify her.... :)
Bring in on Alisa! I thought I had this contest won hands down!

alisha said...

Congrats Alisa. Too bad for the rest of us.

Love the recommendations for everyone. Too funny. It's too bad for me that research skills and retaining skills don't always go hand in hand.

I have no convincing stories about HS reunions. My 5-year one was thrown together at the last minute (I found out the week of), and I heard there were only about 25 people there. I don't even remember if I heard about the 10-year one. If you aren't looking forward to seeing anyone, I'd bag it too.

Becky said...

Actually, I did say it was going to be a drawing. Therefore, I was going to put all your names in a bowl, but then I sat on one of Ratchet's dies and realized since there were only five answers a roll of the die would work. So, I gave you each a number according to the order in which you responded and then rolled the die. The die said 4 and Alisa's was the fourth comment. Be glad it wasn't a 6.

Next time I'll have something specific to give away and another thought provoking question, such as, "Why don't sheep shrink when it rains?"

Your competitiveness cracks me up.

Shannon said...

This makes me feel much better Becky...and Alisha says Congrats to Alisa after what I said...trying to look like a good sport :)..LOL fun Becky

Alisa said...

Thank you, thank you. I will share my "much deserved" prize with all of you, except Shannon! HA! This was fun. I have no comments to make on high school reunions since I didn't go to mine. I don't even think we had one to be honest. But I figure, if I lived in the same city I went to high school, I might go; but since we're not raising this family on the border, I'm 98% sure I'm never going to a high school reunion, and I'm FINE with that!! Becky, thank you again and please, SURPRISE ME!