Tuesday, April 29, 2008

~Seeing Double~

I took Ratchet to a pediatric opthamologist today. He is slightly far-sighted (not enough for glasses) and seeing double.

When Mona Lisa was in first grade, we also found out she was far-sighted (enough to need glasses and cause constant headeaches) and sees double.

Apparently it's not very common, but they do find about once a month at the pediatric opthamologists office. Fortunately there is a software that retrains their eye muscles to fix the problem. Ratchet actually cheered when he found out he was required to "play" on the computer fifteen minutes each day.

But, really what are the chances. They're also both left-handed (Bear and I are both right-handed).

Double vision, far-sightedness, and left-handedness are all in the less than 10 percent category. Apparently we have a plethora of "unique" genes in our family.

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alisha said...

Wow...interesting indeed.