Wednesday, February 13, 2008

~New Beginnings~

This year for New Beginnings our young women chose a Wizard of Oz theme. I wrote a skit for it and it seemed to go over really well with the adults and youth alike. I sent it to which has a lot of ideas for Young Women (and other church auxiliaries). They posted it today. It's currently only on the "Here's what's new" area, but will be posted under Young Women New Beginnings when she gets her new website finished.

Here is a photo of the cast.

These are the invitations.

The program was really fun. Our second counselor, Lorna, made the most amazing decorations. Then the food all related to themes from the Wizard of Oz such as animal crackers and rainbows.

The girls did an amazing job and our president, Shannon, even willed her baby to be overdue so she could attend!!!

This is my fifth straight year of New Beginnings with these amazing Young Women and what can I say but they ROCK!!!!


Shannon Jones said...

Bravo, your script really was soooo great!!! I'm so glad you posted it to sugardoodle.
Thank you for all you did with that, I know it was a lot of hard work!

Alisa said...

Becky, that script was truly brilliant! Nice work.

alisha said...

Yes, the script was great. So clever. What a fun evening.

Anonymous said...

Those invitations are fabulous. What kind of paper did you guys use for the yellow bricks? Do you know where I can purchase it? Thanks!

Becky said...

The paper is just yellow cardstock that I printed the bricks on in a darker yellow. I just used clipart. I have a Microsoft Office document that has the brick and "Follow the Yellow Brick Road" part on it. If you leave me your e-mail address, I can send it to you.

Anonymous said...

OOOh! Thanks so much! email is:
You are very creative. Great work:)