Wednesday, February 20, 2008

~Sense of Direction~

We have one of those computers in our minivan that tells the temperature, mileage, direction, etc. It is one of the priorities in all of our cars from now on. However, it apparently does have a disadvantage.

Today I took Bear's parents to the airport (as we're closest to the airport, we've become the family park-and-ride). Since the kids are out of school they came with me. As we were approaching the airport I asked Mom which airline. She said, "Southwest." I asked Ratchet if he could find the sign. And then asked if he thought he could spell it. He said, "SW, duh." Mom tried to explain that there were other letters in between and he pointed at the computer, which read SE, and said, "Grandma, it's SW just like that says southeast." Dad was still laughing when we parked.

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alisha said...

Don't you love when kids think they are SOOO right, but they aren't quite? Makes it all the funnier.