Sunday, June 22, 2008

~I Finished My Goal~

Remember this post. My goal was to clean my garage by June 15 which was the next Bishop's Youth Discussion. I lucked out that BYD was pushed back one week until today. How crazy was I thinking that I could clean my garage during costume/end-of-school year season. But, on Friday I did it. I paid my kids to help me clean my garage. See the new and improved version:

Shelves for the Bear, canning jars, painting supplies, and some of our camping supplies (rest is under stairs).

I finally put all the stuff I use outside in one place. Mona Lisa and Ratchet both commmented on how they don't have to "try and separate their bikes from everything." And I can actually get to the door to unlock it from the inside.

Another view of the outside stuff.

This is my shelf for items to give to relatives and friends and Goodwill stuff. The top shelves have a few house project items for easier access.

It feels really good to have an organized space. My house is in complete disarray and I was tempted to clean it first, but I realized the problem with the rest of my house is that I really need to purge and I needed a space to purge it to. Now I feel I can really start to declutter and rid myself of the unnecessary items that fill my life.


Shannon said...

Congrats! It looks so good. Don't you love the end result of a big organizing project like that?! Now the challenge with be maintaining that organized space. Great Job. I'll be over, at some time, :) with cookies :)

Julie said...

You have inspired me. I'm going to attack my closets and craft corner this week.

TaNicka said...

You go Girl! If any one can do all of that you can, you are super woman.

alisha said...

Way to go! It looks great. With the move I also have a dreaded garage to tackle one of these days.

Julie said...

Yeah, so this has nothing to do with your you still want to walk in the evenings? I need to get going with that again.