Monday, September 08, 2008

~And My Rant Continues~

Today I went to the fabric store to pick up some stuff for MonaLisa's birthday party and to make Rachel's totebag/purse (totally excited by the fabric I found).

And guess what?

Yep. Another dog. This one was on a leash (for the record--NOT a service dog). And as the dog is pawing (with paws that had just came in from walking through the dirt-covered parking lot) at everything on the bottom rows of the store at least four employees walked by without a word.

T., (my personal cutting counter gal, no seriously, we're on a first-name basis) called the manager (Karen--I feel no need to protect her identity) and when T. started to talk to her about it, Karen rudely interrupted her and snapped, "I know, I've dealt with HER before."

I called corporate, again, and they told me the regional manager would call me within three days. I told them that I wasn't called the last time I had complained and she was completely surprised. Apparently it's store policy to contact the costumer/complainant within an allotted time. I'm beginning to think store policy means suggested policy and not actual policy.

So be aware that the merchandise you buy from the Crossroads JoAnn Fabrics may not be very clean. Especially if you or anyone in your household has allergies. Unfortunately, it's the most convenient store to my house, otherwise I'd be going to Lynnwood. But, at this point, it may be worth the drive.

For the record, how many of you think I'm overreacting? And how many of you find it an acceptable practice to take non-service animals into stores? (And how many of you find my overuse of parentheses annoying?)


Shannon said...

i don't love animals, but i don't complain when the are in the stores. that's just me.

but i'm not at all annoyed by the parentheses because i like the details you add to the story

Julie said...

SO NOT OVER-REACTING!!!! If I wanted to be around dogs I would have one. If you can't run to the fabric store without bringing your dog you are too close to your dog. Make some frinds, the human kind. OK, now it's my turn to get hate mail :)

Maria said...

Becky, I love reading your complaints and also everyones comments about dogs. I like dogs but feel that they belong at home (or at a dog park, etc) where people can choose whether they want to be around them or not. I don't think they should be walking around in stores, but I haven't ever complained to management about it. If I or a family member were allergic to them, then I would. Thanks for the warning about Joanns.