Sunday, September 14, 2008

~Top 10~

Today my baby girl is 10.

So, in her honor, I'm making a list of ten of the things I love most about her:

1. MonaLisa is sensitive to the spirit.

2. She is a really good friend. She tries to not exclude anyone.

3. She's creative. She can make up stories and games really easily.

4. She loves to dance. Not only is she naturally talented at it, but she also works really hard. She came out of her new jazz class last week and said, "I love that class, it is so hard."

5. She loves Ratchet and is able to teach him things in minutes that we've tried to teach him for weeks.

6. She can see the obvious when the rest of us miss it. One day we were listening to the song "No Air." One of the lines is "Tell me how I'm supposed to breathe with no air" and she commented, "If she can't breathe how can she be singing?"

7. Her favorite subject is math.

8. She is an amazing photographer. We gave her a disposable camera when we went on vacation when she was three. A lot of her photos were better than ours.

9. She loves her dad and gets superexcited when he comes home from work.

10. She likes to learn new things. Like sewing and crafting stuff.

I'm so grateful you chose me to be your mom. I love you!!! Forever and ever.


alisha said...

Fun post. Happy Birthday MonaLisa!

Melissa said...

I loved your list! Happy *decade* MonaLisa!! ;)

Amy said...

What a cute, sweet girl. Just like her momma.

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday MonaLisa! And cute blog, too!