Tuesday, September 02, 2008

~I Spy a Winner~

So the correct answer was UNDER THE FRIDGE!!!

So congratulations to those who guessed correctly:

  1. Alisha
  2. TaNicka
  3. Shannon
  4. Rachel
  5. Lisa
  6. Melissa
  7. Jenny
  8. Jennifer
  9. Cheryl
  10. Maria
  11. Tricia
Now, before I announce the winner, here's a picture of what I found. Doesn't it really look like an I Spy collage?

And can you believe I found all of these under my fridge? How crazy is that? When I started counting I couldn't believe it was that high.

Here's a list of what I found:

1 match
1 partial clothespin
4 lids (3 for water bottles, 1 for an inhaler)
1 star marshmallow (this didn't survive the washing process and therefore isn't in the photo)
4 Singulair (Mona Lisa's asthma medicine which also didn't survive the washing process)
4 reward coins
1 mango candy
1 sharpie marker
1 eraserless pencil
1 thumbtack
3 legoes
6 twixit clips
3 bread closures
8 letters/numbers: CRUELV49
1 green circle magnet
7 Potato head magnets (2 arms, shoes, smile, teeth, ear, nose)
4 random magnets (tooth, bear, flower, woman w/ flowers)
1 mixing spoon
13 farm magnets (tree, tractor, trailer, straw, 2 fences, gate, horse, hens, rooster, pig, barn, weathervane)

Also, not pictured or counted would be the "bunny of sorts," meaning a large dust bunny.

I know you all just want to know who won but as you know, I never do anything the quick and easy way. So to announce the winner, I've written a poem:

"I Spy a Giveaway Poem"
By Becky Reynolds

Because I know with giveaways competition is in the air,
I used a random integer generator to keep the process fair.
The numbers were entered, the button was clicked,
And I waited with anticipation to see who was picked.
The number was chosen, it appeared on the screen,
It was a FOUR and now RACHEL is my giveaway queen.
So, congrats to the one who said "Your clues are pretty cool!"
But keep watching my blog to see next who will rule.
I love you all and thanks so much for playing,
And good luck for the next time that I’m giveawaying!!!

So, how many of you dare clean under your fridge now?

And Rachel, e-mail me your favorite colors and so I can start working on your tote/purse!!!


Shannon said...

What I was #3...so close.

Consider the same prize for runner up?

Amy said...

Becky!! So cool to find you in the blog world. It's great to see how you're doing!

Rachel said...

I am soooooo excited. How cool is that?!?!?! I want to do this again!!!