Wednesday, September 03, 2008

~Pediatric Dentist~

Dr. Dawn Woo is our pediatric dentist. And we love her.

Today MonaLisa had two teeth pulled. First they had a big comfy blanket to keep her warm and put a pillow under her knees so she would be comfortable. Then she had a choice of orange or bubblegum "happy air." She chose bubblegum, they gave her some sunglasses, and then she had flavored numbing gel. The dental assistant was awesome. Then Dr. Woo came in and sang a song from The Little Mermaid while she gave the numbing shots. MonaLisa didn't even notice she was getting shots. Then while the shots set in the dental assistant sang a couple silly songs to her. Dr. Woo came back and while pulling the teeth she sang songs from Mulan and Pocahontas. Then they put the teeth in a tooth-shaped container for the Tooth Fairy and we were done. Our bill was ready at the front desk and the instructions were actually personalized with MonaLisa's name throughout.

This is in contrast to MonaLisa's first experiences with dentists. By the time we found Dr. Woo she had been to seven dentists with six horrific experiences. And they ranged from being held down by three assistants while having her mouth forced open (I still can't believe I didn't grab her and walk out) to having a dentist leave in the middle of a filling and say she would "never work on that child again."

We love Dr. Woo and she's worth every minute we travel to see her. (And one time we were caught in a freak snow storm and it took us over three hours to get home.) So, if you're in the Seattle area, check her out here and take your kids in. I promise you won't regret it. From the way her office is set up--she has a playroom by the chairs so you can still see your other kid(s) while staying with the patient--to the way she and her assistants take care of your child(ren).

I honestly cannot say enough good things about her!!!

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